Hofele Design presents Porsche Cayenne Cayster GT 670

German tuning studio Hofele Design and strongly settled for a long time as one of leaders of studio that is engaged in Porsche Cayenne cars. Their program under name Cayster GT 670 was it is developed for a car of a various lineup. Also there is nothing surprising that model 2012 also underwent to these versions. One of program parts is extensive tuning-aerodynamic package into which enter: a new bumper with the integrated light-emitting diodes, the wide wheel arches, the new cowl, new lateral “skirts”, a rear spoiler, and also a new rear bumper with the choke tube. Crowns improvements of appearance the complete set of wheels of 22 inches.


As to productivity of the car masters Hofele Design worked over all versions Cayenne, engaging Diesel and Cayenne S Hybrid. Capacity of the first has been increased about 241 H.P. to 295 H.P., and the last – with 347 to 474 H.P.

Concept Subaru BRZ Cosworth from Tunehouse

In spite of the fact that on new Subaru BRZ even the prices still are not declared, the car had time to win some glory not only at the automobile public, but also at car tuning market.


Australian tuning studio Tunehouse announced a program on improvement of model BRZ which first of all mention considerable productive versions. However, unfortunately, at present there are only sketches of the future result. Engineers of tuning company plan to replace standard two-liter engine BRZ with the motor in volume of 2.6-liter with turbo compressor HKS, to modify intercooler, a bent shaft, flywheel and also to reprogram cars ECU. All it should allow to increase the power by 200 to the declared 330 h.p. that equals to a gain in 65 %.

Mercedes C63 AMG tuned by Wheelsandmore

Never content only one program for time German tuning studio Wheelsandmore prepared one more package. But this time for the car of coupe Mercedes C63 AMG.

The car distinguishes the refined package adding and without those to seductive appearance a sports strip, displaced to the cowl right side. However the highlight of the program become new 22’ wheels 6Sports, “put” in sports tires Dunlop. Disks, besides it, are painted in matte black color. Also the package means a new suspender, the sports air filter, new collectors, and also improved electronics and the new exhaust system.


Thus, it was possible to increase capacity of the eight-cylinder V-engine in volume of 6.2-liter about standard 457 h.p. to 570 h.p. The maximum speed flied up to 320 km/h that is a solid gain in comparison with 250 km/h limited to electronics.

Mansory choose Bentley Continental GT

German tuning studio Mansory need few months to make impressing list of cars which take part in auto show in Geneva. And this time the company did not disappoint with the choice of models. To one of the most interesting cars was Bentley Continental GT. The impressing program on improvement includes extensive aerodynamic and productive packages. From the point of view of an aesthetics, the car got a new front part with day fires, an easy cowl from light carbon fibers, new side panels that are executed also from carbon, the new rear with enough of a place for new branch pipes of an exhaust.

As to productivity the car is initially equipped with six-liter V12 engine capacity of 567 horsepower’s. But it seemed to masters Mansory of it insufficiently. They had to add the sports exhaust system, the sports air filter, and also to reprogram ECU. As a result all it allowed to receive 672 horsepower’s in total and acceleration time to “hundred” in four and a half a second.

Mercedes CLS63 AMG From Mansory

The third project tuning studio Mansory at an exhibition in Geneva was completely customized car Mercedes CLS 63 in which at first sight it was difficult to learn habitual magnificent model.

The package of improvements consists of the extensive aerodynamic components which elements are executed from carbon fibers. Thus, masters Mansory equipped the car with new lobbies and rear fenders, the lateral “skirts”, the new cowl, a new front part with day fires, a stern, the new choke tube and a spoiler. Finishes transformation of the car with the complete set luxurious 20 inch wheels.

Productivity of the car did not stand aside also. Reprogramming a control element eight-cylinder V-shaped bi-turbo the engine in volume of 5.5-litre and adding the sports air filter, masters of studio managed to increase capacity from 557 h.p. to 640 h.p.

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster and ML63 AMG by Brabus

On international tuning salon of studio Brabus openening on November 26 in the German city of Essen acquaints public with three new projects. The modified variant of a new roadster of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster becomes one of exhibits Brabus. For model it is created a tuning package directed on improvement of dynamic characteristics of the car, and also exterior and interior operational development. Under the information received from informal sources, capacity 6.3-litre about 571 h.p. grew to 700 h.p., the twisting moment about 670 Nanometers is increased to 845 Nanometers. Tuners changed appearance of the car at the expense of installation carbon body and new light-alloy wheels.

SLS AMG Roadster
SLS AMG Roadster

Together with “pumped over” Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster on auto show in Essen Brabus shows also “the charged” variant of 518-strong crossover ML63 AMG, whose world premiere took place at an exhibition in Los Angeles. The name of the third model is not disclosed, writes Autoguide.

Audi A5 Sportback from ABT Sportlin

The known racer and the head of studio ABT Sportline Christian Abt, having finished together with the command compartment and cabriolet Audi A5 operational development, has presented a new product of the company – a modified variant of model Audi A5 Sportback.

Audi A5 Sportback which debuted several months ago on a motor show in Frankfurt, yet does not use at tuners the same demand as four-door compartment Porsche Panamera, but Christian Abta’s studio has not disregarded model. Company ABT Sportline which is engaged in basic operational development of lineup Audi, has prepared a small styling-package for five-door compartment A5 Sportback, having included in it firm ABT, “skirts”, ventilating apertures on forward wings, the modified forward bumper, four branch pipes of the exhaust system, providing to the car “correct” sounding. To the clients of studio will offer on a choice some variants of wheel disks dimension from 18 to 20 inches, and also the recustomized suspension bracket. Engineers and to steam of engines from power ruler Audi A5 Sportback have not forgotten to finish. Capacity of the 2-liter petrol motor has been raised with 180 to 275 h.p. For the diesel engine in volume of 3 litres two programs are prepared: ABT Power and ABT Power S. The first provides increase in capacity to 282 h.p., the second – to 310 h.p., is told in the official press release.

Volkswagen Scirocco Black Rocco

The German tuning studio MR Car Design specialising on operational development of lineup Volkswagen Group, has presented new version of coupe Scirocco under name Black Rocco. The first, that is evident at acquaintance with Volkswagen Scirocco is a black matte color of a body thanks to which the car, actually, and has received name Black Rocco. In studio MR Car Design model have equipped in a small bodi-whale, having installed new lateral “skirts”, front and rear “aprons”, and also the choke tube with four branch pipes of an exhaust system. Finish external metamorphoses Volkswagen Scirocco Black Rocco red a caliper, 20-inch light-alloy disks and inscriptions on a body. Has not done without intervention of tuners in engine work. Of 2 l forced 210-strong motor TFSI in volume to 370 h.p., and the maximum twisting moment have raised almost to 520 Nanometers. Such indicators managed to achieve, having brought changes in an electronic control package, and also having equipped a coupe sports system of an exhaust of manual work.
Volkswagen Scirocco Black
Have completed Volkswagen Scirocco Black Rocco with differential of the raised friction, a braking system of firm Stoptech and new adjustable springs from company KW Automotive. Tuning studio MR Car Design management holds back cost of operational development of model.

Tuners of B&B charged Audi A5/S5

Tuning studio B&B, having presented one of these days the program on operational development facelifted versions of crossover Audi Q7, has developed tuning packages for cabriolet Audi A5/S5 which owners usually like to be allocated with individuality of the car on road. In studio B&B have tuned Audi A5/S5 at the expense of a new small aerodynamic weather-cloth, 20-inch light-alloy disks, huge branch pipes of an exhaust system and an adjustable suspender which has depressed cabriolet landing to some centimeters.

Car tuners of B&B have given the big attention to operational development of a power ruler of the car. For example, the 2-liter diesel motor which is giving out 170 h.p. and 350 Nanometers of a twisting moment, after two stages of modernisation became more powerful on 50 h.p., and the 280-strong 3-liter diesel unit in studio forced to 325 h.p. Has got in studio and to 2-liter petrol engine for which experts have developed at once three positions upgrade, having raised as a result power of charged engine to 310 h.p., and a twisting moment – to 465 Nanometers, is spoken in the official press release. The studio has finished the program on cabriolet operational development, pumped over the motor of charged version Audi S5, having squeezed out from the standard engine of 415 h.p. and 520 Nanometers of pull-rod.

Shiny Aston Marting from tuning studio Boss

Experts of automobile tuning studio Boss (not to confuse from the well-known fashionable easily soiled clothes and perfume) have selected for the experiment classical British superpenalties. Not having spent special efforts, they have so changed model, that after them (which tuners have estimated let not in round, but quite decent price) the car for certain does not remain without attention of motorists and is simple fans “a glamour and shine”. As someone has already guessed, Aston Martin Boss Edition V8 Vantage only have completely covered with chrome. However, tuners have made also the second version a sport penalty – matte white with carbon roof and a cowl.
shiny aston martin
Though the most part of work of studio Boss consisted in design change, something has changed and in the technical plan: for example, the exhaust system is altered, writes Utro. RU referring to TopSpeed. The Passenger compartment is finished now by skin Nappa. For described above “trick” experts of studio have requested $147780. And for additional $24600 together with car it is possible to buy special number board which as though hints, that only the fop or the madman is capable to dare at such purchase.

Tuning Company SpeedART Celebrates 10 year anniversary

German tuning studio SpeedART this year celebrates the 10-year-old anniversary, and what for a holiday without gifts? On the occasion of birthday tuners have decided to present gift not only to future owners Porsche Panamera Turbo, but also favourite, “having added passions” to a four-door coupe.

While two official sketches of the tuned version which have received name SpeedART PS9-650, and also the information on replacement of system of an exhaust which has allowed to increase power of the motor of model by 20 h.p. are officially extended only. But if figures in the sedan name traditionally speak about power of the power unit, it is possible to assert safely, that SpeedART PS9-650 will receive the 650-strong unit. It will allow a four-door coupe to be dispersed to first “hundred” for 3 with small seconds.

On sketches it is clearly visible, that the model is equipped by the aggressive bodi-whale, engaging new front “gills”, a spoiler, a bumper, other light-emitting diode headlights, lateral “skirts”. In rear SpeedART PS9-650 there were exhaust pipes in the form of a trapeze and a new spoiler. It is supposed, that the car officially will show during celebrating of anniversary of studio SpeedART.

Tuning Studio STI Taking Subaru

In spite of the fact that company Subaru has not presented till now the variant of coupe FT-86 which has been developed together with engineers from Toyota and is shown on the international motor show in Tokyo, there were messages that, except a factory car model, in the market will appear and the “charged” version Subaru, passed operational development in studio STI. Conceptual car FT-86 under mark Toyota has officially been shown on the international motor show in Tokyo, next year the version of a rear-wheel coupe have to show Subaru. As edition Auto Express, the company confirms to let out the charged version of the car over which will work tuners of studio STI.

Subaru by STI

Coupe Subaru from STI the aggressive body and light-alloy wheels of the big diameter with sports rubber will receive the expanded wheel arches, a low suspender. Under a car cowl the 2-litre engine, as at standard model, and the 250-strong motor in volume of 2,5-litre will settle down not. However, not clearly, whether will be coupe Subaru rear-wheel or the car in a base complete set will receive firm system of an all wheel drive. The serial version of coupe cars Toyota and Subaru, most likely, debuts not earlier than 2011, and on sale joint working out will appear in 2012 under the price approximately £25,000.  The model under mark Toyota will be delivered on the market of Japan, and the car with logo Subaru will go for export.